Saffron Zero Beat manga by Kouga Yun

 photo Saffron Zero Beat cover.jpg Kouga Yun's manga, published in 1993. Scanned by me.

Title: Saffron Zero Beat (サフラン・ゼロ・ビート)
Author: Kouga Yun
Language: Japanese (raw).
Volumes: 1 (complete).

Description (from mangaupdates):

An ordinary boy falls in love with an android who is chased by a religious group because of the inprinting mechanism in her body which commands her to 'love' her master who died long ago.

part 1: mediafire » (20 MB)
part 2: mediafire » (32 MB)

Crown of Love, Vol. 2-4

 photo Viz 2.jpg A romance manga by Kouga Yun, originally published in 1998. Scanned by me.

Title: Crown of Love (恋愛-CROWN-) aka Renai Crown
Author: Kouga Yun
Language: English (official translation by Viz). Official website:
Volumes: 4 (complete).

Vol 1 can be found here:


vol 2: mediafire » (34 MB)
vol 3: mediafire » (40 MB)
vol 4: mediafire » (35 MB)

Gestalt manga

Old and cute manga from Kouga Yun. These were scanned by Wilson Wilson, not by me. I just resized them a little bit. Scans are also available at

Title: Gestalt (超獣伝説ゲシュタルト)
Author: Kouga Yun
Language: English (official translation).
Volumes: 8 (complete).


vol 1: mediafire » (87 MB)
vol 2: mediafire » (163MB)
vol 3: mediafire » (73MB)
vol 4: mediafire » (72MB)
vol 5: mediafire » (67MB)
vol 6: mediafire » (76MB)
vol 7: mediafire » (77MB)
vol 8: mediafire » (107MB)