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Bleach Digital Colored Comics vol. 41-48

 photo Bleach Digital Colored 41 01.jpg The digital colored versions of the Bleach manga. This is the official manga color by Shueisha, which can be purchased at their official website. Previous entries:
Attention: these are japanese raws.

Title: Bleach Digital Colored Comics
Author: Tite Kubo
Language: Japanese (raws)
Volumes: 41-48

Volume 41: mediafire » (55.6MB)
Volume 42: mediafire » (58.07MB)
Volume 43: mediafire » (61.21MB)
Volume 44: mediafire » (53.24MB)
Volume 45: mediafire » (53.11MB)
Volume 46: mediafire » (50.92MB)
Volume 47: mediafire » (53.34MB)
Volume 48: mediafire » (55.56MB)
Tags: bleach, tite kubo, uploads
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